Visual Snow Project

Frequently Asked Questions

How will it work?

There will be one session each day. Before each session begins, participants will be asked to fill out a brief online Visual Snow Evaluation Form. This form will be used to track the images that produce the best overall results worldwide. After the form is completed, you will be linked to the Viewing Session. Each session is approximately 30 minutes. The image is programmed to automatically stop after each session.

Can anyone register?

Yes. Children under 18 must be registered by a parent or guardian.

Is there a charge?
No. The first protocol (21 days) is free and will determine the viability of visual imagery as a resource to reduce VS symptoms.
Is there a specific time recommended to watch?

No. Simply choose a time that is convenient and without interruptions. In order to enhance potential results, we recommend watching your computer monitor in a dark, quiet, relaxed environment. You may listen to music from your personal device.

What if my VS symptoms do not improve?

The visual imagery will not work for everyone. We understand that this can be very frustrating and disappointing, however, the VSI continues to fund global research and is pursuing new solutions whenever and wherever possible.

How many days should I continue protocol if my VS symptoms do not improve?

If after 10 days no improvement occurs, you may stop the protocol.